Friday, January 15, 2010

Accessing WS-Security protected (UsernameToken) WebService using PHP5 Soap

After battling for several hour trying to figure out on how to send WS-Security header using PHP5 Soap API, I finally managed to discover the work of the good people at University of Toronto . Using their example and the PHP code they posted on the website: soap-wsse.php and xmlseclibs.php, I have been able to test my CXF-powered webservice.

I have a web service running at http://localhost:9090/WS with WSDL url of http://localhost:9090/WS?wsdl. Using the following PHP script and following the direction from the University of Toronto (putting the two PHP scripts above in the same folder as my script), I have been able to call my webservice correctly.

class mySoap extends SoapClient {
   function __doRequest($request, $location, $saction, $version) {
    $doc = new DOMDocument('1.0');
    $objWSSE = new WSSESoap($doc);
    $objWSSE->addUserToken("admin", "admin", false);
    return parent::__doRequest($objWSSE->saveXML(), $location, $saction, $version);

$wsdl = 'http://localhost:9090/WS?wsdl';
$sClient = new mySoap($wsdl, array('trace'=>1));
$wrapper->word = new SoapVar("Echo testing", XSD_STRING);
$result = $sClient->echo($wrapper);

The resulting print out on the web is "Echo Testing". I hope this would help anyone that encountered similar problem.


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